The Best Sex Toy Ever Invented

Penny over at A Penny for Your Dirty Thoughts posted a picture of a sex toy that is hands down one of our favorites: the Hitachi Magic Wand

Here are two ways we use it:

1.) When Mistress lets me fuck Her with my cock, i place the vibrating head right above her pubic bone. A wonderful vibrating sensation travels through both our genitals.

2.) Mistress will restrain me, and place the vibrating head directly on the tip of my penis, and hold it there. For me, the sensation whips rapidly back and forth between pain and intense pleasure. I start to shake and, if i wasn’t restrained, iwould be unable to stay still. Mistress knows my body reactions, and can keep me on edge of cumming for as long as She wants.

Some practical advice: The power cord is pretty short so you need an extension cord if you want to use it without straddling a power outlet.

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