It’ll Be Awhile Before He Gives Me Attitude

English: Woman standing on submissive male.

Woman standing on submissive male. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Remember when you were a little kid riding in the car, and your parents would threaten to pull over and give you a spanking? Well, I had to do that just last night with my sub.

We were on our way home from a nice dinner out when I asked a simple question and Sergio gave me a response dripping with attitude.

Luckily, it was dusk and my favorite beach was nearby. I told him to turn left and to park in the corner, away from other vehicles. When he did, I jumped out of the passenger side, walked around the car, and jerked open the driver’s door. Grabbing Sergio’s arm, I yanked him out, pulled him toward the back of the vehicle, and shoved him, forcing his upper body to lay on the top of the trunk.

He had on khakis that I was easily able to yank down to his ankles. Since he’s not permitted any underwear, I didn’t have to worry about those.

He whimpered and whined and kept looking back and forth for other late beachgoers as I first spanked his bare ass in the open with my hand. When my palm got sore, I took off my shiny sandal and laid into him with that.

When his ass was sufficiently fire read, I put my sandal back on and walked back around the car, getting in, and waiting. Sergio was still pulling up his khakis when he stepped back to the driver’s side. Sniffling, he then gently sat his sore ass down before closing the door. The engine was still running.

It’ll be awhile before he gives me attitude like that again.

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