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Here are some interesting posts I came across today:

Cop tease
“Who tells their husband how hot this cop was who winked at her and how she’s thinking of going back to try to find him, etc., in front of other people?”

“The feeling of the hard steel pressing up between me and the mattress, squeezing my wannabe erection. The knowledge that I wasn’t getting what I wanted in that moment but I was getting all I wanted in the bigger picture. How, in only the way possible in this kind of dynamic, even not getting what I want is exactly what I want.”

6 Superstar Oral Sex Positions
“Laid Back Loving” is my particular favorite!

BDSM Scenario Prompts…
Clothespins do make wonderful toys!

Coming Out to Friends: Time to Reveal Your Kinky/Submissive Side
“It’s really tricky when deciding to come out to those who aren’t in the lifestyle and before coming out to people, you have to be able to live with their reaction, whether it be positive or negative.”

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