How Do You Like Your Nipples?

150-69Small? Large? Soft? Pointed?

Here are descriptions of some of the nipples appearing in my book 69 SHADES OF RED: Femdom Stories of Spankings and Other Sexual Punishments

nippeek“Yeah?” I said, not aware of what kink she had, what constituted one really, or even what she was going on about. All I knew was that the warm summer night had suddenly heated up 20 degrees between us. And, though I didn’t want to (at least I didn’t want her noticing I was), I couldn’t help but look down to see Carey’s huge nipples poking through her tight tank top…  - Kyle, “The Best Night of My Young Life” in 69 Shades of Red 

openblouseWhen he looked up, he started to stutter. My small but perky tits were visible, hanging inside my gaping blouse. He resumed talking, but never took his eyes off the hard, pink nipple that had managed to escape when I shifted my body to the left. I thought for sure that my A was right there in front of his eyes but I was wrong… - Marcie, “Professor Miller, You WILL Give Me an A!” in 69 Shades of Red

perkytitsThe lady was naked save for a pair of ruby red heels. Peter’s cock pounded then as he regarded the lean lady in all her glory; pink, light skin, small, firm B-cups (he reasoned on first look), nipples hard and erect like little pale erasers… - Ron, “A Housewife Turns the Tables” in 69 Shades of Red 

tshirttits-2His stare was as much running from Jenny’s mischievous, thin-lipped grin to her hard nipples just pushing through her thin t-shirt. Stewart knew enough to stay quiet and quaking, to let his wife lead in what she said and did, and to appear as nervous as he could when, in actuality, he was aching to be put into that chastity cage for even longer than two weeks… - Steven, “A Cuckold’s Captured Cock” in 69 Shades of Red 

grabtitsJake reached across to take Ann’s meaty right breast in his hand, and tweak her rock hard nipple… - Ralph, “Ann’s Aversion Therapy” in 69 Shades of Red 

cumtits-2The guy fucking her was beginning to lose control so he pulled back out of her slightly so that he could rub her clit. She came explosively, arching her back, and moaning as it swept through her. “Okay, I want all of you to spunk on my tits,” she gasped. They did not need telling twice and soon her nipples were dripping with goo… - Allison, “Lady Sara Takes Charge” in 69 Shades of Red 

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