Gay Man Finds Himself Turned on by Dominant Women

Indian bisexual ménage à trois. Miniature from...

Indian bisexual ménage à trois. Miniature from an Urdu text, Northern India, 17th – 18th century. Private collection. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At the link below, Dan Savage gives advice to a gay man who finds himself highly aroused by Femdom videos. This isn’t at all surprising. There are some people who have the animalistic ability to sexually attract those of all sexes and, yes, sexual “persuasions.” Is the man just now realizing he’s bisexual? Or, is he aroused by the dominant (“masculine”) nature of the women? Who knows? I have been to gay bars and I have gone home and had sex with gay men I met at those bars. I know those men didn’t go to those bars seeking a female Dominatrix but that’s what they got. I’m a voluptuous, highly sexualized, outgoing, DOMINANT woman. It’s not hard to entice just about anyone to my bed. Bet I could entice you, too!


Click on THIS LINK and search for the words Hong Kong to find the letter.


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