Free E-SERIAL – Part XXVI – How to Seduce Your Teacher: Abby’s Story.

how to seduce your teacher

Chapter 13
Treat Him Like the Dog He Is

A moment later, Abby moaned, “Slave, you’re doing it all wrong! James, come over here, and show Silas how to properly worship my ass.”

Silas rocked back on his knees, and stood up, disappointed and ashamed of his failure. James took his place, and had Abby moaning and shuddering within seconds. Silas watched over James’ shoulder, hoping to learn how to worship her ass correctly so he could pleasure her in the future.

After Abby stood, James stayed on his knees. Silas noticed he didn’t stand until Abby waved her hand, giving him permission.

“James, it’s time for your punishment. You know what to do.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Silas was excited yet scared to see what Abby had in store for James. Abby smiled, and said, “Don’t worry, slave. If you never cum accidentally, this will never happen to you. But, then again, maybe you’ll want it to…”

James returned with a bottle of lube and an enormous dildo[1], complete with veins and balls. Abby grabbed them both, and then pushed James on the bed. He obediently got on his hands and knees. It looked like he’d done this many times before.

Abby opened the lube, and poured a generous portion on the dildo. She then touched the back of it and it roared to life, vibrating. Silas licked his lips. Abby was right. He might have to cum accidentally sometime just to feel that! But, would she ever let him out of the cock cage to do so?

Abby kneeled behind James and Silas noticed James’ fingers grasping the bedspread.

“Relax, James,” Abby soothed. Her lubed fingers circled his ass and she then pushed the head of the vibrating cock against his hole. He cried out but Abby, no longer gentle, showed no mercy. She slowly and methodically pushed it in−inch by inch−until only the rubber balls could be seen. James was moaning, and begging her to stop but she didn’t. His pleading and pain excited her further. She started rhythmically pushing the cock in and out of his ass and his hips started to vibrate along with the device, his balls slapping against the rubber ones.

At that moment, Silas would have given anything to be in James’ spot. He imagined that fat, vibrating cock fucking him and his knees got weak. He once again tried to touch his own cock, which was straining against the cage, but he couldn’t. His frustration was making sweat trail down his temples and back.

Abby said, “Remember, James. I won’t stop until you cum this way.”

“But, it’s so hard to do it!” James cried out, his head thrashing left and right, his knuckles white.

“You know the rules, James. You must learn to control when you do and do not cum.”

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“Fear, excitement, and tantalizing sexual suspense abound in this controversial novel, which takes readers inside the frenetic thoughts of a dominant young woman’s prey, a handsome, young high school teacher, as he is pursued, captured, and then sexually dominated by his student. Should this type of deep love and erotic passion be forbidden and ridiculed? Or, should it be celebrated and pursued as modern women increasingly discover their true place in the sexual hierarchy of civilization? How to Dominate Your Teacher is a controversial but delicious novel.”

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