Free E-SERIAL – Part XXV – How to Seduce Your Teacher: Abby’s Story

Free E-SERIAL – Part XXIV – How to Seduce Your Teacher: Abby’s Story.

Silas was still standing by the bed. He wasn’t feeling sorry for James. He was envying him. His envy ran so deep that he was angry at James before realizing this wasn’t James’ fault. Abby was doing this to James because he liked it. And, she was making Silas watch because he needed to be trained. She knew he liked it, too. He stood a bit taller, and stopped holding the cock cage in his palm. He wanted to prove to Abby that he was worthy of her body, worthy of her love. He could be the slave she wanted him to be, just like James.

When James finished cleaning Abby’s cunt with his tongue, she moved off the bed, and stood in front of Silas. Turning around, she bent over, exposing her ass to him. Spreading her legs wide, she said, “Silas, did James miss any?”

Hoping to knock James down a notch, he said, “Yes, Mistress. I still see some cum there…”

Smiling, Silas rocked back on his heels, and winked at James.

Abby stayed in that position. “Well?” she said to Silas.

“Yes, Mistress?” Silas now looked puzzled. James grinned then, turned on his side, and propped himself up on his elbow.

“Are you stupid, slave? Use your tongue to clean up what James missed!”

“Um, you want me to lick James’ cum?! Please, Mistress. That would be so humiliating…”

Abby reached her hands back, pulling her ass cheeks apart. “If you don’t obey me, slave, you will never cum again and you’ll never lose that cock cage. Is that understood? Get on your knees, and lick your Queen’s ass−all of it.”

Silas bowed his head, his hands shaking, and got on his knees behind Abby. His hands took the place of hers and he spread her beautiful cheeks apart. He started around the edges, and moved his tongue closer and closer. The taste was pleasant, and having the cum on his face was turning him on more than he could have imagined. He then played with the middle with the tip of his tongue. Abby started wiggling and moaning. He noticed her fingers moving toward her cunt and she started rubbing herself. Was she going to let him make her cum this way?

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“Fear, excitement, and tantalizing sexual suspense abound in this controversial novel, which takes readers inside the frenetic thoughts of a dominant young woman’s prey, a handsome, young high school teacher, as he is pursued, captured, and then sexually dominated by his student. Should this type of deep love and erotic passion be forbidden and ridiculed? Or, should it be celebrated and pursued as modern women increasingly discover their true place in the sexual hierarchy of civilization? How to Dominate Your Teacher is a controversial but delicious novel.”

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