Free E-SERIAL – Part XXIV – How to Seduce Your Teacher: Abby’s Story


Free E-SERIAL – Part XXIV – How to Seduce Your Teacher: Abby’s Story.

Chapter 12

Make Him Watch

Silas moved to the edge of the bed, the cock cage dragging between his thighs. He stood, feeling the full weight of the device, and put his hand under it to stop the unpleasant stretching.

James took Silas’ place on the bed, and laid down, reaching his arms out for Abby. She moved on top of him, straddled his waist, grabbed his wrists, and roughly place them above his head.

“Silas, stand at the foot of the bed so you can get a good view. Remember, you won’t be getting this for a very long time‚ąínot until you are fully trained. Perhaps you’ll never get it.”

Silas stepped to the end of the bed, his view now of their feet and legs, and Abby’s beautiful ass, open for him to see. Abby leaned forward, and planted her pink pussy on James’ hard cock, dropping down to devour it. The sound of her natural lubricant was erotic as she started to dance on top of him.

Silas, still holding the cock cage, felt his own cock pushing against the metal. The feeling was painful in a teasing sort of way. He tried to reach his fingertips through the openings to touch himself but the area between the bars was too small. He moaned, and moved his eyes back to the frenzy in front of him.

Abby was fucking James hard, her ass slamming against his thighs, his cock shiny with her juices. James was begging Abby to slow down.

“Please, make it last, Mistress. It’s been so long since you let me cum. I can’t hold out much longer. Please!”

Abby slowed for a moment, but then picked up speed once again. Silas moved to the left so he could see the front of them. Abby didn’t notice. Her tits were bouncing up and down. James made a sound as if he was in pain and Silas noticed Abby had grabbed his nipples, and was squeezing and twisting them.

Abby grunted, “James, don’t cum until I tell you to or you know what’s going to happen.”

“Please, Mistress! I need to cum now! I can’t wait!”

Abby slapped him across the face, just as she’d done to Silas their first time together, only two days before. Had it only been two days? It seemed like weeks ago…

James’ scream brought Silas out of his thoughts. James’ hands broke loose from Abby’s grip, reached around her, and grabbed her ass, pushing himself further into her. He cursed as he came, and cried out. When he slowed down, and stopped shaking, the apologies started.

“Mistress, I am so, so sorry! Oh no! Please forgive me, Mistress! Please!!”

Abby removed her pussy from his cock, cum streaming down her thighs. She crawled forward, all the way to his head, and planted her pussy right on his face. James turned his head left and right, trying to catch his breath.

“Drink your cum, slave. Clean me with your tongue. That’s a good boy. Lap it all up like a good servant.”

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“Fear, excitement, and tantalizing sexual suspense abound in this controversial novel, which takes readers inside the frenetic thoughts of a dominant young woman’s prey, a handsome, young high school teacher, as he is pursued, captured, and then sexually dominated by his student. Should this type of deep love and erotic passion be forbidden and ridiculed? Or, should it be celebrated and pursued as modern women increasingly discover their true place in the sexual hierarchy of civilization? How to Dominate Your Teacher is a controversial but delicious novel.”

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