Foot Orgasms? Yes!!!

Fox News, there’s a fascinating article¬†about a woman who was experiencing orgasms with her feet. In a nutshell, she was in the hospital awhile back, and had some nerve damage.

One thing led to another and her brain got mis-wired in a way. She was having five to six orgasms a day, originating in her feet. If it were me, I’d see that as a positive problem but, hey, we’re all different.

The doctors were able to fix it with an anesthetic injection into a spinal nerve. The docs are looking for others who may have this phenomenon, but who may be afraid to come forward with it. If that’s you, click on the article above.

The article said the nerve for the foot is located right next to the nerve for the vagina in the spinal cord. So, that explains why I get so excited when my slave licks my feet and sucks my toes!

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