Fetish Discussions – Part I – Aquaphilia

Kitty Kush Gets Wet

Today’s Lesson:
What is Aquaphilia?

Aquaphilia, also known as Hydrophilia, is arousal from water and sexual activity in, around, or under water.

Here’s a snippet from an Aquaphilia story that appears in my book BIZARRE FEMDOM FETISHES:

It’s not just the sound of pool fountains and raindrops that gets me going. When my slave turns on the shower, the sound immediately draws me in and I can’t resist joining him. After I make him wash my hair and my body, he also shaves me and then I bend over, and make him fuck me from behind while the shower stream hits the back of my head, and floods my face. After he fills my vagina with his cum, I make him get on his knees, and suck it out. That’s his favorite part. He loves being forced to clean up his own mess. - Mistress Mermaid, “Water Makes Me Wet (Aquaphilia, Acousticophilia, Hydrophilia, Exhibitionism)”

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