Fetish Discussions – Part 7 – Exhibitionism


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Today’s Lesson:

What is Exhibitionism?

Exhibitionism involves exposing one’s nude body parts for sexual pleasure. Unfortunately, this is one of the few fetishes for which you can be arrested…unless those watching you are happy to be doing so!

Here’s a snippet from an Exhibitionism story that appears in my book BIZARRE FEMDOM FETISHES:

Mrs. Peterson approached me from the side so anyone outside could still see my bare ass. I heard a slap at the same time I felt a solid sting on the left side of my butt. I lurched forward a bit but Mrs. Peterson’s hand on my shoulder steadied me. She continued to hold my shoulder as she spanked me over and over again with the wooden spoon. Yeah, it hurt like hell but I wasn’t going to do anything to end this experience yet!

After a couple of minutes, she stopped. I started to stand up but she sternly said, “Stay where you are.”

I felt exposed and vulnerable, naked with my what was now very likely a blood red ass facing the window.

“I’m now going to teach you what happens to bad boys who use oil on their bodies for self-gratification.”

I looked to my left and she was oiling up the handle of the wooden spoon. For some stupid reason, I thought she was going to spank me with that, too, but I was wrong…

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