Fetish Discussions – Part 6 – CBT

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Today’s Lesson:
What is CBT?

CBT, a.k.a. “Cock and Ball Torture”, is sexual excitement from inflicting (or receiving) pain on male genitalia.

This is my #1 favorite fetish! I love nothing more than beating a rock hard cock into flaccidity!

Here’s a snippet from a CBT story that appears in my book BIZARRE FEMDOM FETISHES:

After she has thoroughly punished my bottom, she will untie my hands, and order me to stand by the closet door. Then, she will reach up, her tits swaying in my face, and lock my wrists to the eyebolts in the doorframe.

She will get the whip, and run it across my penis a few times to tease me. I will be stiff everywhere with fear and anticipation. I will want to beg her to hit me repeatedly but I must remain silent, and outwardly fearful, because that’s what she wants. When the whip comes down on my penis the first time, my entire body will lurch with the pain. Sweat beads will break out on my upper lip. As she hits me again, my knees will start to give way and I will be hanging by my wrists. When she has beaten my cock flaccid and to submission, she will stand back and observe her handiwork…

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