Fetish Discussions – Part 5 – Knismolagnia

Hogtied and Tickled

Hogtied and Tickled (Photo credit: Alain-Christian)

Today’s Lesson:
What is Knismolagnia?

Knismolagnia is sexual arousal from tickling. I hate being tickled but I can definitely get off on strapping someone down nude and ticking them until they cry.

Here’s a snippet from a Knismolagnia story that appears in my book BIZARRE FEMDOM FETISHES:

Pushing his legs apart, I sat between them, and tickled both inner thighs at the same time. He couldn’t pull his legs together so he couldn’t escape. I then reached back, and grabbed the upper part of his knee, grinding my fingertips in a bit. He was full-on shaking now, trying to escape, laughing and crying simultaneously. I admit that, the further I pushed him, the more intimate and erotic this got for me. I had no desire to be tickled but, if tickling my husband brought on this type of torture for him, I was eager to participate!

I sat back a bit, and leaned over, biting his left inner thigh. He tried to twist his leg outward but I had a firm grip. Nibbling, I then sucked the skin into my mouth, biting a bit harder now. Edmond’s howling laughter had turned to crying now, with the occasional half-giggle and hiccup. I’d never made him cry before and I found this new experience awakened something in me. I wanted to keep torturing him…

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