Fetish Discussions – Part 4 – Asthenolagnia

A submissive male "puppy" using bond...

A submissive male “puppy” using bondage restraints to restrict movement and eating from a dog bowl. Note the cage in the background and kneepads for extended play (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today’s Lesson:
What is Asthenolagnia?

Asthenolagnia is sexual arousal from humiliation or weakness.

My slave does not “suffer” from this condition. He revels in it!

Here’s a snippet from a Asthenolagnia story that appears in my book BIZARRE FEMDOM FETISHES:

I turned to Harry once again. He was working his own cock furiously now, still whimpering like a baby. I said, “See, honey? That is how you eat pussy, you little good-for-nothing fuck.”

Turning back to Benjamin once again, I looked up into his smiling face as he brought his cock to my tight little hole. “Time to feel the full power of this man!” I yelled to both of them.

That cock wedged into my folds and my wetness helped him to push the giant dick into my hot and tight pussy. My cunt was screaming at me that it wasn’t possible to take something so big but I was taking it, every inch, right to his balls against my ass. He started off slow, and quickened as I felt his finger playing at the tightness of my ass at the same time. It didn’t take long and he finally came deep inside me, then withdrew, falling back into the dining room chair.

Panting, I looked at Harry once again. He was still masturbating. I said, “Harry, since you haven’t cum yet, I’m not going to let you. Now, come over here. It’s time for your wimpy little tongue to clean up this mess between my legs.”

As Harry worked hard, licking up, and swallowing his boss’s ejaculate…

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