Fetish Discussions – Part 3 – Microphilia


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Today’s Lesson:
What is Microphilia?

Microphilia  is a sexual attraction to smaller people and objects.

Here’s a snippet from a Microphilia story about Charlie and Amy, two new college students with vastly different body types. It appears in my book BIZARRE FEMDOM FETISHES:

After nibbling and sucking his delicious, small tool for a few more minutes, I sat up, crawled forward, and straddled him. I was afraid to put my weight on him because he was so skinny. I might squish him…but I realized that thought excited me even more. Instead, I placed my hands next to his head, my tits hovering over his face. That’s when I noticed that each of my breasts was about as large as his entire head. That made me feel even more strong and powerful. I made my left breast sway slightly over his face. The huge, hard, dark nipple brushed his lips. He opened his mouth, and caught it. He sucked and nibbled very nicely and I didn’t have to correct any of his ministrations. His small hands grabbed at my tits, his palms clearly smaller than my nipples, and he got more aggressive, moving from one nipple to another; seeming to not be able to make up his mind which one tasted better.
- Amy, Big Girl Craves Small Man (Microphilia, Macrophilia)

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