Fetish Discussions – Part 2 – Cuckolding

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Today’s Lesson:
What is Cuckolding?

Cuckolding is when a committed partner is stimulated by their mate having sex with another.

Here’s a snippet from an Cuckolding story that appears in my book BIZARRE FEMDOM FETISHES:

“Simon, did you know I’ve never let Jason fuck me in the ass? He’s been begging for years but he’s never deserved it so I’ve always said no. He’s so small, weak, and pathetic. How would you like to show Jason how to service a lady’s ass now? It’ll be nice and tight. I guarantee you that.”

“Yes, Ma’am!” Simon whistled again under his breath.

I tried to protest. I thought Jeanine was saving that special part of herself just for me. I’d been waiting years for her to give me that! And, now she was going to give it to my buddy—a guy with a bigger cock. My shoulders slumped in defeat and shame and I started to quietly cry.

Ignoring me, Jeanine said, “We need to get in a good place so Jason can see every detail.” She got on her hands and knees, right in front of the swing, her side to me, her tits hanging in the porch light. She spread her knees wide, and poked her ass up into the air. I could see her tiny, tight hole, the holy grail of her sex.

- Jason, “Neighborhood Peep Show (Apodysophilia, Cuckolding, Troilism)”

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