Exactly What I Need

Dark SexI woke up this morning horny, as usual. I curled up next to Mistress, and started to softly stroke her bare thigh. Even before we started living the lifestyle, that’s always been my first move whenever I desired her.

We had a fairly heavy fuck session a few nights ago. But, my request then for permission to cum had been soundly denied. She prefers me to be horny. She feels i’m much more compliant and i’d have to agree with Her.

So i’m gently stroking Her, about to move my hand between Her legs, and I hear, “Go back to sleep.”

“I want you so badly, Mistress… Pleeeeaseee?”

“I tell you when we fuck. You don’ t tell Me.”

I felt a rush of excitement when She said that.

As i’ve been exploring my submissive nature, one of the things i’ve discovered that turns me on is being humiliated in a sexual context. Part of that is when Mistress talks down to me. With that simple statement, She gave me a great deal of pleasure without even touching me.┬áIt was as good (almost) as actually getting to cum.

That’s why i love Her so deeply; why anyone loves someone so deeply. She gives me exactly what i need to feel sated.

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