Cum Came

Bad Dragon Fake CumWe got our shipment of  fake cum from Bad Dragon a few days ago.

This stuff is wonderful! As a manufacturer of genuine cum since the age of 12, I can tell you that this stuff looks just like the real thing.

Mistress used it to give me a bit of a mindfuck yesterday. (At least I think it was.)

She’d been out all day at meetings (that was what I was told, anyway). I got a text from her about 6:00 PM reminding me to have dinner ready, and to be in my welcoming presentation.

I should back up here and explain…

Mistress has taught me three positions on command:

1.) Anal presentation – on knees, face-down on floor, ass in the air. This position means I’m either going to be whipped or fucked in the ass.

2.) Cock presentation – on knees, back straight, chastity device off, erect cock with hips thrust out. This position means cock and ball torture; usually a cycle of edging to get me hard followed by whipping to get me limp…rinse and repeat.

3.) Welcoming presentation - on knees, head down, at the front door. This position is for removing her shoes and kissing her feet once she walks in the door.

Unless we are having vanilla friends over, or we’re going out in public, I’m nude, collared, and in chastity 24 hours a day. Once I’ve been commanded into a specific presentation, I’m not allowed to move or stand without permission.

So back to the story…

I’m at the door. She comes in. I take of her shoes, kiss her feet and welcome her home. We keep my leash hanging at the door. Sometimes she attaches it to my collar to lead me, other times she attaches it to my cock and leads me that way. This particular time she uses my cock.

“I have a special chore for you before dinner,” she says.

She hikes up her skirt and strattles the leather fainting couch we have in our living room. Her exquisite cunt was visible in all its glory. I notice what looks like cum running out, slowly leaking out the bottom of her pussy, running down to her ass, then pooling on the leather sofa.

“You’re still curious about cuckolding, right?” she says.

“Yes Mistress.”

“About sucking another man’s cock, swallowing his cum?” she adds.

“Yes Mistress.”

“I told you I wasn’t interested in fucking other people. Well, I changed my mind,” she says. “Today I fucked a guy with a really big cock….much bigger than your’s. And I really liked it.”

“So I’m going to fuck whoever I want. And you’re going to clean up the mess,” she says. “If you do a good job, I’ll bring him home so you can suck his cock. And if you do a really good job, I’ll let him fuck you in the ass.”

I got a rush of excitement. Humiliation is my particular kink, and Mistress was hitting my button hard with this story.

I dropped to my knees and buried my face in between her thighs. I shamelessly lapped up the sticky mess of fluid, and made her cum a few times in the process.

Now the only other cum I’ve tasted is my own (Mistress has me eat my fluid whenever she allows me to orgasm). So it is not like I have a a large experience base to draw from. But the cum Mistress had all over her pussy tasted like the Bad Dragon cum (I tried a little when we opened the first bottle); which is rather tasteless and flat. But even so, it was still a very hot scene for us both.

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