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If you met us in person, you’d never believe all the kinky stuff we are into.

You might think that my Mistress is bitchy; the stereotypical designation  put on women by men who refuse to embrace female superiority.

And you might even go as far as to guess (correctly) She wears the pants in the relationship (though “wearing the cock” is a more accurate description).

But you’d have a hard time believing on the face of it that I live a good portion of my life collared, naked, in chastity, and in literal servitude to a Woman I love deeply.

We don’t really have friends in the lifestyle. We’re still a bit reticent to be open about our relationship with others because of the awkwardness it can create if the ones you open up to are not likeminded.

But we still often wonder what equally kinky things other people are into – people who, just like us, look completely nonsuspect in the vanilla world.

It is this curiosity that leads us to sometimes troll the profiles of FetLife, looking for a bit of virtual kinship. It was on one of these recent expeditions that we found this right in our own back yard:

It is a bed and breakfast catering to those wishing to be trained in the cuckold lifestyle.

What a great idea – a BDSM Bed & Breakfast! Maybe that’s what we’ll open in our retirement!

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One Response to Cuckold Bed and Breakfast

  1. Seany says:

    What a great idea!

    Staying at a cuck B&B with my wife, something else to add to my ‘to do’ list!