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One of my favorite words is “spanking.” When I was very young, before I even knew what sex was, I would take off all my clothes, lay down, and spank myself (auto flagellation) – hard. I somehow knew it was wrong – very wrong, which made it even more exciting for me. So, of course, I never told anyone about it until I met Sergio. Spanking is one of the most popular kinks so I clearly wasn’t the only one enjoying a good over the knee whippin’ when I was growing up.

Here are some tidbits of other spanking experiences from my book BIZARRE FEMDOM FETISHES:

He looked suddenly worried. “Oh no. You look angry, my Queen. Please don’t be mad. Are you going to punish me? Please only hurt me a little bit, my Queen. I promised to do a better job! Are you going to spank me? Are you going to tie me down, and force your fingers into my ass?” – Annie, “M. Annie Quinn Gets a Life (Agalmatophilia)”

I gently patted his head. “If you keep up that noise, the neighbors will hear, and come to investigate.” I pulled back his hair, and looked him in the eye. “Is that what you want? Do you want everyone who knows you to see you being spanked by your wife?” – Paula, “One Big Pain in the Ass (Sadism, Algophilia)”

“Well, I can’t spank you with your pants on now, can I? Pull them down at once.”
“Um, what? With my pants down?”
“Yes, of course. How else does one get a spanking, dear?”
- Jimmy, “Loved and Locked at Splendid River Retirement Home (Gerontophilia, Sadism, Masochism, Serviphilia, Cock and Ball Torture, CBT)”

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