ASK THE SUBMISSIVE: What is Nika’s favorite activity?

Q: What is Nika’s favorite activity?

A: She has two…well, three really.

1. Mistress’ greatest love is inflicting pain through both crop and paddle to either the ass or cock. She is big into Cock and Ball Torture (CBT).

Mistress is a fan of the practice of pegging, and I get pegged at least once a week, sometimes more depending on her demeanor.

Mistress loves to openly flirt with other men in front of me. She shows lots of cleavage and touches other men in public in a provocative manner (believe me – they don’t mind!). She uses flirting to identify potential play partners. Per our contract, she can bring anyone into our relationship that she chooses. And, she also uses her public actions to demean me, as sexual humiliation is one of my kinks.

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