Ask Nika: “What do you think of ballbusting?”

“J” asks:

“What do you think of ballbusting?”

Nika replies:

The scrotum is a very tender area on a man’s body and permanent damage can be done if the Domme is not very careful. All should exercise extreme caution when torturing this tender part of a slave’s body.

I have, on occasion, gotten so angry at my sub that I have roughly grabbed, pulled, and squeezed his balls, even leading him around the house while tugging on them. While I’m not a fan of kicking him in the groin, I very much enjoy donning my heels, forcing him to squat on the floor, and stepping on his balls, grinding them into the floor. I enjoy listening to him grunt, and moan, and beg me to stop, and I very much enjoy watching the sheen of sweat that quickly appears on his entire naked body. Of course, I then make him beg me for more pain…

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