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Nika Bella Dea

I am an avid (and stern!) practitioner of the Femdom philosophy and I am in very happy marriage with my submissive husband. We live in a beach community near Tampa-St Petersburg, Florida.

I got my first taste of the Femdom lifestyle in my teen years when I learned by trial and error many effective and rewarding techniques for manipulating men with my body and my mind.

From that early age, I always sought the dominant role in my relationships with men. But, it wasn’t until my husband approached me about formalizing our D/s relationship that I became a firm (and full-time) adherent to the philosophies of female-led relationships.

Since then we’ve become active explorers of all things BDSM. I have a curiosity of many fetishes, but find flogging, pegging, and nipple play to be among my current favorites. I have a special love of CBT. Nothing makes me quite as wet as the act of whipping my sub’s hard cock.


Like most hormone-laden boys in the midst of puberty, dirty magazines were a much-sought commodity. I hit paydirt when I found my uncle’s collection of Penthouse magazines. In one issue there was a story titled “House of E”. It was all about “watersports”, and one particular passage described enema scene on a restrained, naked female submissive.

I got hooked on the idea of a person “forcing” his or her sexual will on another. I started experimenting on myself after school with different objects. (I was a latch-key kid, so I had 3 or 4 hours each weekday afternoon by myself.) Then one day after rummaging through my mother’s nightstand I found a small plastic box containing a vibrator. I was shocked that my mother would have such a device, but at the same time delighted that I now had a substantive toy to play with. I’d give myself a cleansing enema, lay on my back on the floor, insert the vibrator, then stretch out my arms and legs – imagining that I was on display. I’d let the pulsing sensation of the vibrator slowly overtake me until I finally came.

My fantasies got more elaborate as I got older. But the central theme always involved me submitting to a female authority figure in some humiliating way. My real sex life, though, was quite vanilla until I submitted to Mistress Bella Dea. I spent years having sexual encounters that, while not horrible, were just not fulfilling because they weren’t really what I wanted. Mistress Bella Dea is the first person I’ve ever been fully open with about my submissive fantasies.

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